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About Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well was founded in 2006 by Swedish entrepreneurs, with the aim to broaden the range of healthy beverages. Up until then, there had been a noticeable lack of modern, healthy alternatives to sodas and juices. A contrast to both US and Asian markets where the range of drinks was much broader. It is found that drinks with less calories and healthy ingredients such as tea extracts, vitamins and minerals that has great prospects.

To learn more about various nutrients and their functions, Vitamin Well sought help from a physiologist, endocrinologist, and a specialist on the body’s metabolism and regulatory system. With this in mind, Vitamin Well Team continued to develop flavors, and designed a bottle to suit the requirement.

Vitamin Well is a company with strong Swedish roots where everything from production to new developments are made locally in Sweden. Vitamin Well is a challenger with the same dedication and innovation as in the startup phase and the team will always strive to develop a better, healthier and smarter beverage.

To date, we have launched eight vitamin drinks, three vitamin drinks sweetened with stevia and three sparkling water, all enhanced with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin Well’s products are sold at more than 6000 retailers in Sweden.

Vitamin Well is exported to Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Iceland Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia , Middle East and Ukraine.

Vitamin well is proud of our product range and hope that you will enjoy them as well.


  • It has become increasingly important to live and strive for a healthier lifestyle.
  • The daily life is stressful and people have the feeling that they do not have time to eat or exercise as much as they would like to
  • This is where Vitamin Well's products is an additional requirement, besides being tasty and thirst quenching